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As the economy of Pakistan is suffering from crisis too due to the electricity crisis, the value of Rupee is falling. An increase in the rise of energy prices will cause a result in the increase of cost of production and thus resulting in the decrease of cost of labour.

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The cottage industry of Pakistan is taking its last breaths and the textile industry which is one the most important industry of Pakistan is in trouble. The sector that has the highest rate of consumption is the household sector.

The household sector consumes around The electricity crisis has literally paralyzes the cities and villages of Pakistan and has made the life of the citizens a living hell. The unscheduled daily load shedding also had negative effects on the life of the people.

Some problems faced by the people due to load shedding are that the children weep in the night due to high temperature and mosquito bites, students cannot study at night, industries are being shut down, machinery cannot function properly, surgeons cannot carry out their surgeries, fertilizers and pesticides cannot be manufactured etc.

These problems clearly indicate that use of water for the generation of electricity is thousand times better than wastage of water on land or in see is not feudal, because water is wasted in land or sea is nor recoverable but water used for generation of energy can be further used for agriculture and industry.

And thus, there will be no shortage of water. Pakistan has been known internationally for war on terror as it strategically plays a key part in this war but its performance heavily depends upon its economic conditions, which are very volatile. However, it still invites the international markets to invest in it and increase business activity because it provides: cheap land tax, free zones for industry and does not put obligation off transferring percentage of profit to other land.

The Government of Pakistan with assistance of State bank of Pakistan has drafted all easy policies to attract foreign companies toward the unexplored market of Pakistan. Better economic conditions of Pakistan will help it to fight terrorism but it has also a far good implication for global economy. When investment will come, MNEs will also introduce setups, such as an implant setup, which includes plants, factories and other outlets.

Therefore, the investments will come either from local markets, by an increase in employment in Pakistan or by the import of machinery. Manufacturing demands and orders will be made, as a result economic activity will be generated and people will have a demand for basic things.

The major concern is whether rupee will sustain a value, for only then, repayment could be possible. This will increase the burden of the people as well as the time for repayment will be squeezed, and exchange rates will alter drastically. However, in recent analyses in Pakistan hard currency reserves are stable and no drastic changes in exchange rates are available so it is a good time to invest.

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After thorough research it has been concluded that the most recent crisis that is being faced by Pakistan is power shortage which means that Pakistan does not have enough resources to increase its electricity generation to meet the demand of two target markets. One of them is the household sector and the other is the industry, both are suffering badly.

To keep the industry running the household sector suffers electric load shedding an average of 10 hrs of load shedding daily. What the government of Pakistan is planning is to start developing projects which would include dams and hydral power plants. The present supply of power that Pakistan can produce easily is MW which is very less than then what the demand actually is. The government has predicted that the demand will increase to to MW. Hence, shortfall if conditions remain same will increase to MW to MW.

Things that must be evaluated initially are investment cost, operational cost and expected cash flow in first year. All by which net present value can be known. Now by our research we can conclude that some basic initial investment and requirement of Pakistan is to build small dams which should have reservoir capacity of cm3 to cm3 of water.

Electricity is a concurrent subject under the Constitution, falling under the purview of both the central government and the states. Whether by influencing the electricity sector through private companies collaborating with the central government or acting directly through state-owned. Any electricity industry essentially comprises of electricity generators, transmission and distribution networks and retailers, who facilitate final sale of electricity to the end consumers industry, households, etc. Electricity industry in Australia has shown a very robust revenue growth year on year.

The Australian electricity industry has undergone huge transformation in the past two decades. Hydroelectricity is electricity generated by hydropower, the electricity is created by using the gravitational force from falling or flowing water.

Short Simple Essay on Load Shedding in English for FSc Students

In there was terawatt hours and with a power plant larger than 10 megawatts it costs 3 to 5 US cents per kilo watt which also makes hydroelectricity one of the cheapest forms of energy. Hydroelectricity is expected. Wireless Electricity What is it? The understanding that electricity could travel through the air has been around since Tesla.

education sight: English Essay on Electricity Load-Shedding in Pakistan is Curse

The new standard in power is wireless and it has the ability to revolutionize nearly every industry that benefits from the use of power. Everything from a small toy to a large industrial air handler can be run without wires. We have discussed what electricity provides us by brainstorming.

The problems and benefits associated with the electrical systems, both in Bangladesh and also on a global scale are very important. Humans use electricity daily for important reasons that help them survive. Electricity has a big impact on the world. For instance, electricity has many affects on the environment when it is generated in Canada. Also, since electricity provides us with heating, power etc.

Electricity can be very dangerous and life threatening at times, which is why we must remember to be cautious when. Electricity and Magnetism History Electromagnetism Originally electricity and magnetism were thought of as two separate forces. There are four main effects resulting from these interactions, all of which have been clearly demonstrated by experiments: 1. Electric charges attract. One particularly, goes unnoticed. One, which we cannot live without, and one which changed our lives forever. Electricity exists in a metropolis city, to aircrafts in the air to every remote corner on our earth.

During the s, British scientist Michael Faraday discovered the fundamentals of generating electricity. His method, which is. Ever time you open it the temperature drop about 20 degrees c 2 Cook several dishes at the one time. If you are cooking small items use the frypan. DC electricity. Researchers have developed several techniques for moving electricity over long distances without wires. Some exist only as theories or prototypes, but others are already in use.

Magnetic resonance was found a promising means of electricity transfer because magnetic fields travel freely through air yet have little effect on the environment or, at the appropriate frequencies, on living beings and hence is a leading technology for developing witricity. In our present electricity generation. For centuries on, we have had basic knowledge regarding electricity based upon static electricity found from rubbing amber and fur. However, up until the early s, our understanding of electricity and magnetism was severely limited — considering both of them as entirely separate phenomena.

Before we delve deeper into the topic, what is electricity and magnetism? Electricity is, simply, the flow of electrons on a conductive medium. Electricity is produced when an electric charge moves along some. What is Electricity? Electricity is one of the most powerful forces in our lives. As a matter of fact, it can even kill you.

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