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The experience may have been a major event in your life, or it may have been a small, quiet moment when you came to understand something valuable about life. Rely on your own experiences and thoughts. Good essays usually include details that make the reader feel as though he or she was right there with you when an event occurred. Let the reader know exactly how you felt, and why. Your essay should be between and words.

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Essays that are shorter or longer than this will be disqualified. Make a copy of your essay to keep; the copy that is sent to the Georgia Laws of Life Essay Contest will not be returned to you. School Awards. The obligation of a student is to live with his folks and teachers and respect the senior citizens of the general public.

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Students are the future and the expectation of the nation. So every student should attempt to be the best national in all respect, with the goal that he may serve his nation to the extent he can. Student life is the most joyful period in the life of a man. It is an existence, free from all tensions of the extreme world. The brain of the student is loaded with respectable thoughts and his eyes are brimming with dreams.

Student life is the most pivotal period in the life of a man. Despite the fact that there are no common thinks to stress over the time, the period is essential for the student himself, for he must be up and doing in the procurement of information in the arrangement of his character and in reaching the world for him.

The impressions he will accumulate at this period will decide his future direction. The taste he will create in student life will impact his conduct towards other individuals all through his future vocation. High school students on the jobWe spend four years of our lives attending high school. Going through high school is supposed to prepare us for college and the real world. Throughout these four years we begin to better understand our choices for college majors, but we dont get presented with the financial and time struggle that we will face. College costs money, along with everyday living.

When attending college we become more independent and are faced with the problem of coming up with money and finding a balance between time for work and school.

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Though it may seem like working During high school years our minds have the greatest development. And whatever we have learned in high school we uses that knowledge to help us move on through college.

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At the high school age teenagers experiments different changes in their minds, bodies. A sometimes question comes up that at what age children should know about the sex. To the answer to that question is I believe at the age of children and High School kids. High school should be teaching teenagers about different aspects of life, especially sex.

My Daily Life as a Student - Essay

A majority student does not get any sex education at home They reveal it. These programs issue athletes with characteristics and traits that they are not able to get strictly from academics. Not only do they aid students to putting their very best into their academics but they also keep them from acting out.

They strengthen our ability to solve problems, deal with failure and success, It"s all up to you It"s all over now.

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No more strict teachers, no moreguidancecounselors that tell you what is best for you, no more restrictions; thisallhappens when you graduate high school. Once you throw that cap in the air,youbegin a new stage in your life that will carry out for the rest of yourfuture. In college, you are now becoming an individual and now you are responsibleforyou own actions. High school and college are very different and as incomingfreshmen, you think that it"s the same but the work is much harder.

Welllet"sget this myth straightened out. The capacity of work The last day of my high school career is fast approaching and I can only imagine how I"ll be feeling when I step out of S. Austin"s grounds for the very last time. Throughout these four years, I have felt a lot of urgency about graduating high school.

I didn"t think that the time to graduate would come soon enough. But now, that time is finally nearing. I cannot believe that it has come this fast. I remember my first days of high school. I was just dying to experience all the new and exciting things that awaited me. According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research, among the graduating class of , The study also reported an increase among high school seniors from

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