In connection to this point, this is supported by the poem when the poet says that he wanted to plough when he grew up just as the father did. At the same time, there is also the theme of the difference between how children view the world and how adults view it. In this context, the boy thought that what he did was nuisance of which the father might have had a different thought in regard to it Collins The father used to ride the boy on his back an aspect that shows that he enjoyed being with him while on the other side the boy used to think that he was a nuisance.

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Needless to say, passage of old age and time has been reflected on as a theme. Following this point, changes are inevitable as time goes on.

This is given to the reason that as time went on, the boy became the one that the father had now to stumble behind him as he ploughed. This reveals that there is an aspect of reversed roles as it regards the relationship that exists between parents and their children. Children depend on their parents at their young age and as they grow up, it is the parents that change and start depending on them due to the factors of age.

A follower is one whose work is to follow another in deed and word. As a matter of fact, the boy seems to be a real follower of the father to an extent that he desires to do the same work the father did Parker This shows how the boy was careful in following. In the same line of thought, the boy observed how the father ploughed with care and great expertise.

This is to suggest that the descriptions in the poem are quiet detailed. In essence, the poem relates to the family relationships that exist between children and their parents and the eventual impact that parents have on their children.

The Comparison Of Two Poems, 'Follower' By Seamus Heaney And'Imitations' By Dannie Abse

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